Mayoral Duty

After an Anzac Day Parade in Rankins Springs, the Mayor of Carrathool Shire commissioned a sculpture. The piece was created with tractor and machinery parts, old railway plates, a gas bottle and lightbulbs.


From tractors and aeroplanes, lawnmowers and cars, this collection goes from the miniature to the massive.


One of Wally’s most popular commission pieces, the animal collection includes dragonflies, snails, and turtles.

Science Fiction

Wally takes a lot of inspiration from favourite science fiction stories. He enjoys creating everything from soldiers and villains from whatever junk items he can find.

The Last Anzac

After missing an Anzac Day Parade, Wally was inspired to create an army soldier in his own image. Finding the elements needed for his rifle was the most challenging, eventually locating the final piece on an old farm gate.

Customised Work

Wally regularly creates custom pieces for galleries and collectors. Requests can be made via email  –

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